About Our Rangate Knot Filler

Rangate Knot Filler for Wood Repairing and Inlays

Rangate Knot Filler - Many Colors

Rangate Knot Filler - Available in North America since 2009

Rangate first offered the Knot Filler stick packs in North America in 2009 and a complete set of tools and colours since 2013 with its initial success. With its great properties and as an excellent alternative to epoxy mixing and the general glue sticks market, we decided to give it a try to source and bring them North America primarily for furniture and floor repairing. In recent years, we've confirmed its advantages and increase its popularity. Some are even using it to cover nail and bolt holes, as well as for decorative craft works, including faux inlays and in turning. 

With the polyamide nylon properties, no other filler has the combination of benefits Rangate Knot Filler has:


  • Your repair is complete and ready to be cut or sanded in under a minute, instead of hours or days.

Ease of Use.

  • No mixing or setup is required, and your filler can be applied with any variable-temperature hot glue gun.

Right for Many Jobs.

  • Rangate Knot Filler can be used in any application- tough enough to be used both indoors and outdoors, and flexible enough to be used for curved fills and on corners. Some colors are flexible and can be easily cut or turned after being applied. Others are hard, and will stand up to heavy wear and tear in uses like flooring.

Wide Choice of Colors.

  • Match the tone of your wood for a seamless look, or use a contrasting color to highlight it- the choice is yours. Unleash your creativity and experiment!

Accepts Finish.

  • Rangate Knot Filler can be sanded, painted, stained with no special preparation or hazards.


  • Unlike other filling options, there’s no need to protect against inhaling toxic fumes or particles when working with Knot Filler.

One Year Warranty.

  • All tools have a one-year defect warranty.
  • Rangate Knot Filler: If stored in a sealed bag away from sunlight and heat, the Rangate Knot Filler rods will stay in its flexible shape. If for some reason the rods become rubbery (expose to prolonged air flow) within two (2) weeks of receiving of your order, please feel free to contact us.
  • Note: Heat guns should be stand right side up while it's still warm or hot. Heating elements can get easily damaged if rods are pulled out. Heat gun damages caused by the flow of the melted material due to a tipped heat gun, by the pull-out the polyamide rods, or by the insert of material other than our rods will not be covered by the warranty.