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Rangate Pizzi 9001 PVA Gluing System | IWF Special

Rangate Gluing System
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Rangate 1.5-Gallon Capacity Pressurized Glue System
IWF Special

The Pizzi 9001 Pressurized Glue Tank is a proven PVA glue system which is a favorite at wood shops due to its reliability and durability. Our Pizzi systems allow you to finish glue tasks faster and without mess, with less waste and more precision than working manually with glue bottles.

This unit has an internal, replaceable liner intended for use with PVA glues such as a well-known one by Titebond®.

Standard unit includes:
• 1.5 gallon steel pressurized glue tank
• Standardize Glue Gun with a Universal Pin Hole Nozzle
• A Tap Adapter for cleaning nozzles after use

Once pressurized, disconnect the air hose and roam around your shop as needed. Glue can last for months.  Follow our simple periodic maintenance guide: https://rangate.com/Pizzi_Maintenance_Guide.pdf.

There are also many additional glue dispensing nozzles for your gluing needs: https://rangate.com/pizzi. Please give contact us at 888-810-2522 or info@rangate.com, and we can help you.