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Heat Gun 300W | Rangate Knot Filler in Paper Box

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Rangate Knot Filler 300W Heat Gun in Paper Box

Note: We offer a significant discount on this tool when you buy a Rangate Knot Filler ReadyBox set.

This heavy-duty professional heating gun is a popular choice for applying the Rangate Knot Filler rods. This heat gun features:

  • 110V | 300W
  • UL North America Plug
  • On/Off Switch
  • Temperature Adjustable Notch Dial

While it's right for the job, it's not your only option- most adjustable temperature hot-glue guns can be used. There are two requirements of your dispensing gun: Our rod's diameter is ø12mm (a little less than 1/2") with 295mm (about 11") in length, and there are three melting points depending on the rod used. Please refer to our Rangate Knot Filler Rods' colours chart for the melting points. If you already have a heat gun that fits these two requirements, you're set.