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Discounted Blemish Chisel | New Blade w/ Blemish Handle

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New Blade / Blemish Handle - Wide Blade Flat Chisel for Rangate Knot Filler

** This tool is $25.00 off our list price. **

** The high-quality steel blade is in excellent new condition. The handle has a minor cosmetic blemish. It still has a 1-year functional defect warranty. It is made with love and only slightly roughed up. **

Use our 2" wide chisel to remove the excess from your wood repairs after applying the Rangate Knot Filler. With a flat bottom and wooden hand grip, it chisels off only the thin excess top filler of a repair. The high-quality strong steel blade can be re-grinded or polished many times should it be worn over time or damaged.